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Thunder X Portion – Thunder X is by far the strongest snus in the Thunder series. The intense mint/menthol flavor and the strength will definitely move your mind – as it says on the can: ”Xperience it!” The moistened portions provide a very fast and powerful release of flavor and strength.

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Thunder X is an experience out of the ordinary. As the strongestsnus in the Thunder Range it will blow your mind with its purepower.The strong mint/menthol flavor moves your mind and brings up coldimages of mother nature far north. We accomplish this high nicotinelevel naturally by using a larger percentage of tobacco leaves in eachgram of Thunder X … Thunder X (Original Portion) – Review. 7

Thunder X (Original Portion) – Review. 7 December 2016. When I started using snus back in 2009 – there weren’t a lot of strong snus products. V2 countered in 2016 and released Offroad Arctic (45mg/g) in November 2016 and now Thunder X (45mg/g) in December 2016. The competition has been fierce! As a snus reviewer who doesn’t use …

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Thunder X is the strongest snus in the Thunder Family and probably the world. Thunder X Portion has a strong mint/menthol flavor that moves your mind and brings up cold images of mother nature far north. This snus has a regular sized pouch. Thunder X – Preview. 24 November 2016.

Nov 24, 2016 · 24 November 2016 Thunder X – Preview. After the recent release of Offroad Arctic Xplorer , it seems V2 Tobacco is at it again, releasing 3 new products in the high nicotine category.

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Thunder X White Dry Portion Snus brings the Swedish experience of running naked through snow drifts driven with 4.5% natural nicotine and mint/menthol flavor!

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Kaufe Thunder X White Dry, ein weisser ultrastarker Snus mit Minzgeschmack! Schnelle Lieferung bei!

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Thunder X Portion is an original snus that offers the user an extraordinary experience. It is the strongest snus in the powerful Thunder series and has a strong taste of mint and menthol. Thunder X is a snus that tastes of a wonderful and strong blend of mint and menthol that brings your thoughts to Mother Nature’s powerful presence.