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In 2000, Irving sued the US Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt for libel at the British high court and lost. The presiding judge in that case, Charles Gray, wrote that Irving was ”an active Holocaust denier anti-Semitic and racist”. He was fined several thousand pounds in 1992 in Germany for saying the Auschwitz gas chambers were a hoax.

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Holocaust Denial: Table of Contents|Refuting Denial|Brief History British historian, author, and renowned Holocaust denier David Irving was sentenced to three years in Austria in February of 2006 after his November 2005 arrest for ”trivializing the Holocaust,” a crime of speech in Austria.

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Holocaust Denier Irving Arrested. Controversial far-right British historian David Irving has been arrested in Austria on charges of denying the Holocaust.

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Nov 18, 2005 · Writer David Irving is arrested in Austria on suspicion of Holocaust denial, a crime there; has written several dozen books about Germany and Nazis and has said Hitler was not responsible for Nazi

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David Irving, the discredited British historian and Nazi apologist, was this week starting a three-year prison sentence in Vienna for denying the …

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Irving was arrested driving in Southern Austria and contravening a ban on entering the country. Irving had previously been fined in Germany, for denying the existence of Auschwitz gas chambers. Arrest. On 11 November 2005, the Austrian police in the southern state of Styria, acting under a 1989 warrant, arrested Irving. Four days later, …

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Holocaust Denier on Trial Irving Pleads Guilty The trial of British Holocaust denier David Irving begins in Vienna with a guilty plea. A verdict is expected on Monday afternoon, but Irving is

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Dec 21, 2006 · Mr. Irving’s books were on conspicuous display last week at a conference of Holocaust deniers in Tehran organized by the Iranian government. Among the speakers was Robert Faurisson, a French academic and outspoken Holocaust denier, who prodded Mr. Irving during the 1980s to be more open about his doubts about the mass killing of …

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Irving, 67, arrived in the court room handcuffed, wearing a blue suit, and carrying a copy of Hitler’s War, one of many books he has written on the Nazis, and which challenges the extent of the Holocaust. Irving was arrested in Austria in November, on a warrant dating back to 1989, when he gave a speech and interview denying the existence of gas …

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Irving was a frequent speaker for the DVU in the 1980s and the early 1990s, but the relationship ended in 1993 apparently because of concerns by the DVU that Irving’s espousal of Holocaust denial might lead to the DVU being banned.

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