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HERA CELL ESSENCE The First essence that brings about rejuvenated clear skin that is brimming with moisture and a look of clearness, HERA CELL ESSENCE.

HERA CELL ESSENCE 150ml (including 60 cotton pads)

HERA CELL ESSENCE 150ml . Features; Essence for recovering to vital and clear skin by charging essential skin energy everyday. Cell-bio Fluid sink™ skin activation secret code – mineral/ amino acid/ sugar/ peptide/ lipid. Detail . How to use . Shake this container 3~4 times before using it. Take proper amount of it on cotton beauty.

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HERA carried out research on 129 Korean women and defined the core of these problems as Skin Desertification¢â. CELL ESSENCE is a functional essence that prevents Skin Desertification while delivering moisture deep inside …

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HERA – Cell Essence 150ml Final Clearance Spring Festival First-step water-type essence delivers moisture deep into skin to prevent dehydration and prep skin for …

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Hera Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0 150ml 5 Oz 2016 New Version, Mist and Facial Care Cotton 60ea Special Gift Set 2016 New

Hera Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 150ml

Product Description Korean Hera Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync Cleansing Description. 1. Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™, the water formulated by skincare experts for …

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[Hera] Cell Essence (150ml) (225ml) $ 88.00 – $ 105.00 inc GST A first-step essence that delivers moisture deep into skin to prevent desertification of skin for a bright, dewy complexion that glows from within.