Borderlands 2 Trailer: Krieg the Psycho Gets a Backstory

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Krieg is the playable Psycho class character in Borderlands 2. He is the sixth playable character in the game and was revealed on March 24, 2013, in the Borderlands 2 Krieg the Psycho Character Reveal Trailer .

Character Type: Playable character

Krieg the Psycho gets a backstory, inner monologue in …

Krieg the Psycho became Borderlands 2 ’s newest playable character a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve seen some fascinating behind-the-scenes info on the homicidal melee artist’s creation from Gearbox .

Borderlands 2 Krieg the Psycho Back story clip – YouTube

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May 31, 2013 · Borderlands 2 Krieg the Psycho Back story clip Irishbbjr13. Borderlands 2 Gaige the Mechromancer Trailer – Duration: Borderlands 2 – Krieg:

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Borderlands 2 – Krieg’s Back Story (Animated short) – YouTube

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Krieg’s backstory :: Borderlands 2 General Discussions

Although one of Krieg’s lines in the Wedding Day Massacre headhunter pack can be interpreted in a way to suggest he is Tina’s father but I never got that vibe from it. There are other things to make people think that, like on …

A possible return of Krieg the Psycho? : Borderlands2 – reddit

Seeing his Back-story/Release trailer 1-2 years ago got me really hyped to play as a Psycho in Borderlands. Loved the character and the melee and savage skills of Krieg (although I have some criticisms) and just the shear carnage.

Top responsesRedditGearbox has already confirmed that Krieg is NOT Tiny Tina’s father.18 votesis there a possibility that Krieg may make a return in a future Borderlands sequel? Considering that the vault hunters from the … read more3 votesWith the main characters, their logs are like diaries or diaries of other people around them. Gaige’s were online before she … read more3 votesKrieg got an entire short dedicated to him, that’s way better than echo logs.1 voteSee all

Krieg backstory • r/Borderlands2 – reddit

tl;dr: Sammy, aka Doctor Samuels, is ”her”. She was a scientist forced to experiment on Krieg, who was then badly injured (and, in Krieg’s mind, possibly killed) when he went on a rampage and broke out of the hyperion testing labs. Krieg is not Tiny Tina’s dad.

Top responsesRedditThis is the best theory I could come up with . tl;dr: Sammy, aka Doctor Samuels, is ”her”. She was a scientist forced to … read more26 votesI’m pretty sure this is the reason for the fan theory of Krieg being Tiny Tina’s father.15 votesThey didn’t remove the lines because they were offensive, just cause they were all monologues and went off EVERY TIME he … read more12 votesI remember hearing most of these lines whenever I turned down the volume for almost everything else and had the dialogue … read more3 votesFor those of you who never got to play Krieg before patch 1.6, these are the Raving Retribution lines that were removed. We tried … read more1 voteSee all

Krieg the Psycho is now available on Borderlands 2! | …

Krieg, the much-anticipated Psycho, has officially arrived on Borderlands 2. I had an opportunity to try him out a bit yesterday and let me tell you, the whole experience is unlike any other that is currently on Borderlands 2 .